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The Science Behind IV Infusion Therapy: How It Works to Boost Wellness

If you are looking for a more targeted and direct approach to boosting your wellness through hydration and vitamins, look no further than IV infusion therapy. This wellness treatment allows for essential nutrients to be delivered directly to the bloodstream treating concerns that can result from a lack of hydration or other nutrients.

What is IV Therapy?

IV infusion therapy offers a way to supplement nutrient intake by delivering them to your bloodstream directly through an intravenous cannula. Attached to the other end of this tube is an IV bag that contains the infusion liquid. The contents of the bag can change depending on what you would like to treat. Your provider will recommend an infusion that will best address your needs, or you can work together to create a custom infusion.

The Science Behind IV Therapy?

One of the main uses of IV therapy is to support hydration. Dehydration happens when the body loses liquid at a faster rate than taking it in. IV therapy can help by delivering a saline solution containing electrolytes directly to the bloodstream causing a quicker and more effective recovery. 

IV therapy can also be used as a resource to boost energy. By delivering vitamins and minerals, like B vitamins, to the bloodstream you are more quickly able to feel the effects of your body turning food into energy by bypassing the digestive system completely.

When it comes to absorbing vitamins and minerals, IV therapy can pose incredible nutritional benefits for patients with medical conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease, who may struggle to absorb nutrients through their diet.

IV Therapy for Boosting Wellness

Maintaining healthy hydration, energy levels, and nutrient intake makes a great contribution to your body’s overall wellness. Ensuring that these areas of health are in check can also help to ward off viruses or other infections by keeping your immunity in check too. 

There are specific immunity support IV infusions that contain vitamins and minerals that specifically target infections, like vitamin C and zinc. This immunity cocktail can not only help you remain infection-free, but it can help you fight infections faster if you have suddenly come under the weather. When delivered via an IV, these vitamins and minerals are able to bypass the digestive system and get to work on making you feel better right away. 

Other Benefits of IV Therapy

Mind Body Infusion Med Spa offers numerous different infusion options to restore wellness concerning various parts of the body these can include:

  • Digestive Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Health
  • Energy
  • Immunity
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Headaches
  • Hangover Cures

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