IV Infusion Therapy in Santa Clarita

If you’re curious about IV infusion therapy, you certainly aren’t alone. These treatments are generating excitement across the nation and are a central focus for our team at Mind Body Infusion Med Spa.

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IV Infusion Therapy Q & A

What Is IV Infusion Therapy?

IV infusion therapy is a treatment that delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The process is similar to having an IV placed for medical purposes and takes very little time.

This approach allows your practitioner to customize your infusion to meet your specific set of needs. For many people, this approach to nutritional supplementation is quickly becoming a routine part of their wellness planning.

What Can IV Infusion Therapy Improve?

IV infusion therapy can address a wide range of common health and wellness issues. A great place to begin is to think about hydration in general. Most of us go through our days and nights in a state of mild-to-moderate dehydration. This has a negative impact on cellular function across our systems and can exacerbate or create many different health concerns.

IV infusion therapy works by adding nutrients to a saline solution. That means you’ll receive a significant hydration benefit at the same time as you get nutritional supplementation. Most people report feeling refreshed and renewed by the time their infusion is complete, and those effects are a great motivator to improve your daily hydration habits.

Mind Body Infusion Med Spaoffers numerous infusion options, each of which is designed to address specific needs. Some of the available options include cocktails to support:

  • Digestive health
  • Weight loss
  • Skin issues
  • Energy
  • Immune function
  • Emotional wellness
  • Headaches

You can also choose a customized infusion, which is a blend created just for you to address your unique needs.

What Happens During IV Infusion Therapy?

If you’ve ever had an IV placed for medical treatments, the process of getting IV infusion therapy is similar. Your practitioner cleanses your skin before using a needle to access a vein, usually in your wrist.

That needle inserts a tiny tube called a cannula into your vein. The other end of the cannula is then attached to the IV bag that contains the infusion liquid. The liquid flows through the cannula and into your vein, where it is quickly carried through your circulatory system in your bloodstream.

You may feel a pinch as the needle enters your skin, but there is no significant discomfort associated with IV infusion therapy. If you are nervous about needles or are feeling anxious during your treatment, just let your practitioner know. You can also bring in earphones to listen to music or a podcast during your treatment, which can help you relax.

When you’re ready to give IV infusion therapy a try, call the office at (661) 544-4036 to book a visit.